Operating in a sector that has long been perceived as staid, energy companies have struggled to shrug off their image and appeal to young digital talent. Courtesy of the global pandemic there has been a major recalibration of how work gets done, which is contributing to an image change for the energy sector.

Greater digital capacity and capabilities are elevating ways of working. The need for flexibility has never been greater. Not only are existing employees gaining new skillsets but new talent is eyeing traditional utilities through an entirely different lens. For energy companies, digital is proving the means to unlock and maximize the value of people and to create a better future for the current and next gen. workforce.


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What you can expect?

TWith the shift towards digitization underway, this enlightened session will help with the challenges facing your workforce in adapting to new ways of working. Our keynote speakers will share real-life examples of how successful companies unlock their true potential when they put humans at the center of everything they do.

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The new age

Digital – and the pandemic – are forcing us to rethink the way we work.Find out how to transform with trust and confidence and to collaborate with peers and competitors.


Keynote session

Our keynote speakers will inspire you with their refreshing vision of the future of the workforce. Learn what skills are needed for your business to thrive and ways to attract and retain the best people.


Interactive discussion

In this interactive session, we focus on your workforce. We will explore with you ways to put humans at the center of your organization and prepare your people for the new era of energy.

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Workforce enlightened session

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