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Welcome to the new age of enlightened. Discover how you can redefine energy as we know it today; explore how digital tools will open up opportunities never imagined before and find out why breaking with convention will determine your company’s survival in tomorrow’s world.

By joining an EY enlightened session, hosted by our guest freethinkers, you will be inspired by what this new energy era has in store for you. Open your mind and prepare to accelerate.

“Today’s freethinking is tomorrow’s common sense

The energy world is changing

The energy industry is on a transformational journey. There is no return. On top of the usual energy industry performance measures, utilities will now be judged for their flexibility and agility and their capacity to innovate and embrace digital.

We need to act quickly. And we need to act now.

Digital technologies will enable a revolutionary, science-led, sustainable energy future that breaks with century-old practices and engages you in previously unimagined energy possibilities. Be ready to go beyond tradition, open your mind to new ideas and see where it takes you.

Be part of the movement

EY is giving you the opportunity to be inspired by freethinkers who see our energy future very differently. In a free enlightened session, tailored for you, we will help you and your teams to envisage your huge potential.

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Thriving in this new age only succeeds if organizations put humans at the center of their transformation. Be inspired on how to engage your employees with a different mindset and equip them with the technical skillset to ensure your business is prepared for tomorrow.



Customers’ expectations change at the speed of light. Join us in an engaging conversation on the energy customer of tomorrow and immerse yourself in how to win customers in tomorrow’s competitive landscape.



Today we’re on the edge of a totally new wave of innovation. Opportunities created by the latest technologies and renewed ways of looking at the world enable us to reimagine the tomorrow. Discover where to innovate, how to innovate, and how to do it at scale together.



The energy industry remains an asset business, and our most significant asset, the energy network, is changing shape. It has become more distributed, more intermittent, more complex to manage. Join us to determine how to cope with these challenges and where to invest going forward.


Enlightened sessions

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